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the Creative Process

Be Real and Grind 

Strap In BITCHES! Me and homie The Qor are on the way with some of the dopest shit you've heard this side of the mountains! It's been a long time coming and the heat is rising just like what's bout to be bumping through ya speakerbox!

While I am beyond excited to get this next catalog out into the world, I still struggle finding my place and staking my claim in this music industry. This collaborative piece is not only a testament to the continued hustle but it breathes passion, dedication and reciprocity. We comin with the gems, the anecdotes and the soundscapes made specially for the purpose of abundance and liberation always.

Whether you're following a dream or that ass in a circle, Strap In BITCHES!

(mixtape bumping from a speaker near you TUESDAY JUNE 20, 2023) #HappyPRIDE

& Counting... 

The momentum comes in waves at times. At first it's easy to stay consistent and then all of a sudden there's consistency in the inconsistencies. I get excited about so many things all at once. Sometimes it's hard to be present in those moments. From a beat to a song to a potential collaboration...ahhhh!

Relieving myself of the expectations and pressures that come with social media and being a human coexisting with others. Remembering that I create and measure my own success is crucial to my artistry and mine desire to step into that abundance each day.

Been 400 days since I officially began my journey as an independent artist. I'ma keep havin fun with this shit.

the Time is Now 

IRoko noIR has arrived!!

This project is a testament to the resilience and grind leading me on this healing journey. Some of the first songs created for this project date back to January. I applied for some grants and opportunities for musical artists but was not successful at the time. Yes, I was disappointed and frustrated from the rejection but I refused to reject myself and this artform that breathes through me. Entering album mode felt like something I was saying as a distraction. Really getting into it afforded me all sorts of new opportunities, connections and sounds.

The lyrical depth and intention on this project speaks for itself. IYKYK.

I'm proud of me.

Bossin Up 

Last night was the Hidden Gems showcase and it was a blast! I came with my undeniable energy and fire set list --- twas a wrap! Every time I step into my abundance and allow myself the freedom to have fun, I do just that. Watching the crowd rock to my energy and to my music was invigorating. When I echo the message I am already testifying, it feels like my ancestors and universe is speaking through me.

This healing journey has not been linear but I remain buckled up in this rollercoaster ride of life. Turned 30 this week and I feel the vibes in full effect. My rising star is inevitable and if I believe it with great love and intention, so shall it be!

Debut full length album drops in less than 12 days. Yall ain't ready!!

Pre-Show Jitters 

I took a nap yesterday and dreamt about the moment I would bless the mic as a musical artist. Hours later, my homeboy hit me up about participating in a hip-hop showcase to perform some of my songs. I looked to the universe, up to God, to my ancestors, to my wife and smiled so big. To know that my call was heard made me feel like even my voice was bigger than me. To know the energy was listening excites me.


I never thought a musical career was possible for me. I dared not to dream to the extent of my passions because I was raised to think it wasn't sustainable. To now be in this space, fulfilled and rejoicing, I realize those limits were put on me because those same people had limits put on them. I rebuke and remove the limits placed before me once before and I take up my space in its greatest abundance.

Am I nervous? Sure as hell, but those feelings are fleeting. The excitement, however, is not. I accept this opportunity and will rise to the occasion. I am called to have fun. I am called to speak my truth. I am called to take up my abundance. I am called to demonstrate my art as I see fit. I am called God's Wish for a reason.

Self Affirmation 

The journey to success is a confusing one. While I define what my success looks like, I am still busy measuring it up against others' success stories. It's not right. Could this be a version of the rat race they talk about?

When I put myself out there and am not rewarded, I am basing my success on the standard of measurement used by external factors and people. When I put myself out there, I must see the value in my efforts and affirm that my reward is myself. Not only was the opportunity worthwhile enough to be vulnerable with myself (and others) but I also remind myself and my spirit of the many gifts, talents and skillsets that I have.

Often times we rely on external validation or we spend too much time consuming outside noise. It's about time we trust and believe in ourselves. I had to trust and believe in myself and my ability to be able to create and execute as I have been doing. I will continue to trust and believe in myself to produce these masterpieces time and time again. I choose love over and over. Love in my life. Love for what I do.

I know I can. I know I will. Ase'

Missin MySpace 

We sure took MySpace for granted LoL. I miss the easygoing nature of web design and self marketing. We were in middle school becoming the graphic designers the world needed. Had I knew! Hahaha it's like the independent artist I aim to be is certainly experiencing a learning curve here. I am refreshing my skills and expanding in areas I didn't even know I needed to. Creating promotions and elevating ideas has been just the challenge I was looking for while simultaneously being a challenge I was hoping to avoid. Leaning into the challenge brings me here.

I prepare to release my second EP in a turnaround of less than two months and I exhale the pressures I previously put on myself. This independent artist is working to master the art of her independence. As it relates to the musical journey, I am creating my own content with the intention of releasing my pressures and owning my autonomy.

Watch Out Now 

And just like that, 2022 has commenced.

I can't say it was highly anticipated but I do know that my excitement for learning and growing has been rejuvenated in this previous season. I completed my upcoming music project in 4 sessions. I have released and forgiven my former self. I have continued stepping into my abundance and honing in on my purpose every day. I am genuinely proud of myself and my journey.

Once upon a time I consumed the toxicity and shame of other muthafuckas; energy that is and was never mine to own.

NOW...I'm building my blueprint and self in an impenetrable way.



The EP is finally here!

After months of dedication, momentum and discipline I was able to accomplish a dream that has existed for me for several years. People reaching out about the music and all I can say is that I am finally steppin into the abundance that is mine. While it looks different than I ever imagined, it still feels positive and upward.

2021 has been a year of flowing creative juices and executing. I had to shift my mindset and focus to accomplish these tasks this year and it has not been easy but certainly been worth it. Taking advantage of the momentum I felt and honing it to my advantage has provided rewards and benefits I did not see coming. I am grateful for this time and space.

I Gotta Believe 

While this music shit is nothin new to me, taking up the abundance that is my own within this realm has been an experience of great trial and error. Friends and mutuals alike have always enticed me with their studio plug. The studio is a spot that I craved being in often but once there, those moments were not how I fantasized them to be. I scheduled a session with the homie's homie at his in-home studio. When I got to his doorstep, he told me he forgot about our session and made other plans for the day. Was I pissed off? Yes. Did I express my pisstivity to him? Maybe. As he rattled through excuses on the other end of my line, I simply said to him "better business is better follow through" and left.
As I drove away with my thoughts, the negative ones seeped in trying to cast doubt in my mind. This inconvenience became a louder whisper trying to tell me to quit while I'm ahead. I got home, told my wife what happened and she reaffirmed me and my light. She washed away the bit of doubt trying to infiltrate my mind. She reminded me of my gifts and of my magic. She reminded me that their mismanagement was only my come up. That moment reinvigorated the magic I feel when making my music. That week, I took a greater investment in myself and began going to a professional studio. This has not only put me on game to some of the language of the booth but guided my passion project with excitement and efficiency.

The affirmation afforded to me following that moment was everything. Doubt is real but my belief in myself was greater.