I Gotta Believe

While this music shit is nothin new to me, taking up the abundance that is my own within this realm has been an experience of great trial and error. Friends and mutuals alike have always enticed me with their studio plug. The studio is a spot that I craved being in often but once there, those moments were not how I fantasized them to be. I scheduled a session with the homie's homie at his in-home studio. When I got to his doorstep, he told me he forgot about our session and made other plans for the day. Was I pissed off? Yes. Did I express my pisstivity to him? Maybe. As he rattled through excuses on the other end of my line, I simply said to him "better business is better follow through" and left.
As I drove away with my thoughts, the negative ones seeped in trying to cast doubt in my mind. This inconvenience became a louder whisper trying to tell me to quit while I'm ahead. I got home, told my wife what happened and she reaffirmed me and my light. She washed away the bit of doubt trying to infiltrate my mind. She reminded me of my gifts and of my magic. She reminded me that their mismanagement was only my come up. That moment reinvigorated the magic I feel when making my music. That week, I took a greater investment in myself and began going to a professional studio. This has not only put me on game to some of the language of the booth but guided my passion project with excitement and efficiency.

The affirmation afforded to me following that moment was everything. Doubt is real but my belief in myself was greater.

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