Self Affirmation

The journey to success is a confusing one. While I define what my success looks like, I am still busy measuring it up against others' success stories. It's not right. Could this be a version of the rat race they talk about?

When I put myself out there and am not rewarded, I am basing my success on the standard of measurement used by external factors and people. When I put myself out there, I must see the value in my efforts and affirm that my reward is myself. Not only was the opportunity worthwhile enough to be vulnerable with myself (and others) but I also remind myself and my spirit of the many gifts, talents and skillsets that I have.

Often times we rely on external validation or we spend too much time consuming outside noise. It's about time we trust and believe in ourselves. I had to trust and believe in myself and my ability to be able to create and execute as I have been doing. I will continue to trust and believe in myself to produce these masterpieces time and time again. I choose love over and over. Love in my life. Love for what I do.

I know I can. I know I will. Ase'

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