Pre-Show Jitters

I took a nap yesterday and dreamt about the moment I would bless the mic as a musical artist. Hours later, my homeboy hit me up about participating in a hip-hop showcase to perform some of my songs. I looked to the universe, up to God, to my ancestors, to my wife and smiled so big. To know that my call was heard made me feel like even my voice was bigger than me. To know the energy was listening excites me.


I never thought a musical career was possible for me. I dared not to dream to the extent of my passions because I was raised to think it wasn't sustainable. To now be in this space, fulfilled and rejoicing, I realize those limits were put on me because those same people had limits put on them. I rebuke and remove the limits placed before me once before and I take up my space in its greatest abundance.

Am I nervous? Sure as hell, but those feelings are fleeting. The excitement, however, is not. I accept this opportunity and will rise to the occasion. I am called to have fun. I am called to speak my truth. I am called to take up my abundance. I am called to demonstrate my art as I see fit. I am called God's Wish for a reason.

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