Be Real and Grind

Strap In BITCHES! Me and homie The Qor are on the way with some of the dopest shit you've heard this side of the mountains! It's been a long time coming and the heat is rising just like what's bout to be bumping through ya speakerbox!

While I am beyond excited to get this next catalog out into the world, I still struggle finding my place and staking my claim in this music industry. This collaborative piece is not only a testament to the continued hustle but it breathes passion, dedication and reciprocity. We comin with the gems, the anecdotes and the soundscapes made specially for the purpose of abundance and liberation always.

Whether you're following a dream or that ass in a circle, Strap In BITCHES!

(mixtape bumping from a speaker near you TUESDAY JUNE 20, 2023) #HappyPRIDE

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