Missin MySpace

We sure took MySpace for granted LoL. I miss the easygoing nature of web design and self marketing. We were in middle school becoming the graphic designers the world needed. Had I knew! Hahaha it's like the independent artist I aim to be is certainly experiencing a learning curve here. I am refreshing my skills and expanding in areas I didn't even know I needed to. Creating promotions and elevating ideas has been just the challenge I was looking for while simultaneously being a challenge I was hoping to avoid. Leaning into the challenge brings me here.

I prepare to release my second EP in a turnaround of less than two months and I exhale the pressures I previously put on myself. This independent artist is working to master the art of her independence. As it relates to the musical journey, I am creating my own content with the intention of releasing my pressures and owning my autonomy.

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