Uchenna "Uche" Ohaya is the creative ignition re-introduced to the worLd as Uccchh. She is a manifesting generator born and raised in Denver, CO to Nigerian immigrants. Uccchh brings forth her charisma and style to teLL her story with anecdotaL rhyme schemes, goofy ad-Libs and hooks guaranteed to Live rent-free in your head. Since the age of 7, Uccchh has been penning parody songs and observationaL poetry as her primary outLet as weLL as for community enjoyment. In 2019, Uccchh and her best friend feLL in Love, subsequentLy getting married JuLy 2021. They share a stunning 7 year old son and a Love story for the history books! After pubLishing a coLLection of originaL poetry in ApriL 2021, Uccchh continues diving into her creative hive to curate and produce a variety of musicaL projects and a range of sounds. On December 9, 2021, Uccchh reLeased her debut EP project titLed *fLavor profiLe voLume I*. She went on to reLease a BLACK-positive speciaL edition project February 2022 titLed *BLACK Is...* foLLowed by the release of her debut fuLL-Length aLbum titLed *IRoko noIR* in August 2022. Uccchh teams up with artist The Qor to bring forth the upcoming mixtape titLed *Strap In BITCH, voL. I* set to release june 20, 2023


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